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So some months back I went out into the the big bad world of Johannesburg in search of something very simple – some form of African attire I can wear to a friend’s upcoming wedding.  Ultimately I realised that “Hey, you’re a tie man!”

I love ties.  They make sense.  They help me feel ‘put together’.  That and I find it impossible to wear something like a dashiki.  So… I went looking for a tie that incorporated African print instead.  Did I find one?  Yes of course I did – bow ties.  Many of them.  Not my scene as such.  I did however stumble across some amazing African print on that search.  It then dawned on me that “Hey, you a guy that can sew some things together if need be!”

Which is true, I guess.  There were some non-believers, especially a particular lady, but I put my first slim tie using African print together and… I think this works!  Time travel 4 months later and http://tiedup.co/ is about to go up in early October 2014.  This tie I made is now a potentially decent business founded on the basis that I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  So I made it.  Out of this came the idea of an online Men’s Accessories company named “Tied^” (Tied Up) with a friend who is now my partner on this venture.  We will look at creating interesting items that incorporate African print so that it can finally be worn by men in a way that has never really been seen before.  Some ‘rare’.  Some ‘common’.  All made to order.

Should be great!  I’m excited about this and will give it my all.