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Live shows over the net straight to your device

Those of you fortunate enough to be exposed to technologies such as the internet, such as you reading this post right now, would know that there are nerds out there who are always working on products and services being developed in order to make our lives that much easier and more interesting. Today I found myself waiting on my electrician in the parking lot around my building, to carry out some repairs to my geyser, and my mind wandered to a time where I could pay to watch a live music concert from the comfort of my own home.

Forget Satellite TV companies such as MultiChoice and TopTV – approaching them for such a service would surely breed somewhat of a monopoly of sorts. The ‘broadband internet’ and how we already have has a fair bit of access to what I’d like to call ‘decent bandwidth’. This service would mean television sets of today, which come wi-fi ready, can link up to a router, dial in to the event, supply a reference number and watch the show. Forget your TV set limitation as a single-source of income. Think about tablets and some smart phone devices alike.

Imagine the benefits – no need to drive, no need to drink and drive (you can just drink), no need to dress up for the ‘occasion’, leaving a show at 1am ruling out the possibility of making it to church, the convenience of recording the event as it happens, multiple HD (High Definition) camera angles, access to your fridge and your lavatory, not having to deal with “parking attendants”, not worrying about the weather conditions, any item you carry is actually permitted as it would be in your home, no stress over ticket availability such as this upcoming Coldplay concert in October and, from a business perspective, unlimited seating.

For the consumer the benefit is that one “ticket” can can furnish a multitude of people such as you and your girlfriend. Also, all the above points I have raised.

I need to clarify that I’m looking at this from a consumer versus business perspective as a viable service in the near future and not as a means to create a nation of “lazy people”. Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful to be in that atmosphere, but who can actually attend every single concert out there? There is just no ways that is possible. This way you expand your market beyond a “show in Johannesburg” or a “One-night only in Cape Town” show. Think about the cost to get to cape town if you’re not there, accommodation, etcetera. It is just not viable. In theory the numbers behind this idea are solid at virtually no cost.

How I would do it?

Register for a service on a website somewhere. When you wish to watch a specific show you do a once-off payment to do so because these same nerds creating such services have ‘evil counterparts’ who have a habit of hacking your credit card information out of massive memory banks. You can “tune” into that “channel” before the show commences and you’re met with a count-down if you’re too early. You have an option to record the show – although I’m not sure how besides a dvd or blu-ray recorder. << That's a different angle on the technicalities which I don't wish to get into at the moment. Bars can pay a different rate and imagine being able to "take the show" to a remote location where people would have never had the opportunity to view such an event.

Confused? Alright – a summary: I want to create a real-time online service for theatre and music concerts. I believe this can definitely work – what do you think?

Home Threatre Installation
Home Threatre Installation