Motsi’s Baby Shower!

Now, baby showers are certainly not affairs for men. This is with good reason. I think the ‘mommy’ was a bit concerned and ended up drawing up a very reasonable gift registry on the website. Needless to say – not a single item on that list was brought to this occasion by any of us. No surprise really. We instead decided to all contribute towards a pram. Now, that alone was quite something.

A great occasion all round which, I just have to admit, needed a woman’s touch. We actually ate the food off the grill and serving dishes. Plenty alcohol consumed – which had to be free to guarantee some people showing up (it worked). Good times… good times.

Motsi's Baby Shower Invitation

designs of a graphic nature

Strangely enough, I have always had a liking for fine art. Sketches, abstract paintings, architecture, sculpture and ultimately: graphic design. Unfortunately graphic design isn’t really a subject matter I studied towards (Grade 8 and 9 don’t count, surely?). Pity. It’s always been more of a ‘hobby’ for me than a means to make an end. At some point I thought to myself: “When you get to 29 you must start-up your own branding company, mmmkay?”. Oh well – so much for planning.

I have to admit, there are some highly creative folks out there in the world at large. Talented in the wizardry of a Photo Shop and Adobe Illustrator nature (among other tools). Things even I find discouraging at first glance. I’d however believe I can learn to accomplish any design task I want, but I’ve decided that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with my “less is more” outlook towards graphic design. A minimalist approach if you like. This I can do with ease.  Well, sort of.

This right here is a little corner of my planet which will serve as  a showcase of my work. Since 2006 the designs have come some way.  I think.  I look forward your honest opinion(s).  Until soon then!

Making easy work of ‘hard work’

I think in the list of one’s life priorities – interior design/decoration is right at the bottom of the list. And, why shouldn’t it be? Seriously – there are bigger fish to fry.

This is evident in the fact that since we, my family and I, moved to Rens Town in 1995, a ‘suburb’ of Hammanskraal in the north of Tshwane/Pretoria, the house I spent my teenage years in got a fresh coat of paint now in 2011. That is a whopping 15 years. Not just that, oh no… furniture hasn’t changed much neither. I can actually understand why though – parents were taking me through school, a tough economic climate in the house, mother paying for my cellular phone bill (at the time) and and and… Case in point. I’m not spoilt. I think.

Anyway. Back to the actual subject at hand.

I believe there is a way to change the mindset around being able to change the way a house looks. Furniture is typically the sort of investment that has a life of at least 5 years – excluding appliances – and so beckons the idea of being able to change everything around these ‘large items’ in a household. I’m thinking being able to change certain items in one room with another in a pain-free fashion and being able to radically give a new look and feel to a room. Make easy work of ‘hard work’ in a sense.

What is painful? Painting a house is painful. You hire someone to do it and the result is shoddy work which leaves paint drops all over your precious goods, carpet and tiles. You do it yourself and it takes you a forever and a day. This is pain. So imagine being able to take the walls outside to paint them… What about changes to an area like a kitchen where you’re no longer confined to a granite/granite-look-feel table and kitchen tops?

On that note – I’ll sketch some of these ideas, colour them in and upload them. I’m sure you’ll like what I will have in store.

Fascination with science…

How electricity gets to your home

I must say, science is not a topic I tackle often with people in my circles. I know 2 photographers and the rest, give or take, are nerds. Not the library kind, but think companies like IBM. Yup! As a result, a topic such as electricity isn’t one we’d undertake unless our oh-so-reliable Eskom has made headlines. Again. Pity.

I’ve always had this strange fascination with science from days I can now consider young (17 in this case as I am now an old man) *clears throat*
None the less, electricity, and in particular renewable energy sources, has been a place my thoughts wander to since years of my youth. Ok fine, 25 isn’t exactly what most would classify as old. I know, for example, the motoring industry across the world is fascinated with the idea of producing electric vehicles and given the soaring price of fuel plus the likelihood of oil actually running out in our lifetime then it’s most certainly something I imagine the “top scientists” of the world working on. I also wouldn’t be surprised if a solution comes out of Germany.

We have to admit that the Germans seem to have engineering instilled in them from who knows which “fountain of wisdom”. This is unfortunately not where I have investigated renewable energy sources to be honest. My concern is that in South Africa coal is STILL the “number 1” source of electricity. I’m not an environmentalist per se, but one has got to think that there is a better way.

I created this science category to specifically focus on this and I look forward to sharing some of my designs and ideas around this most interesting topic. We’re aiming for cheap, renewable, practical and something for the future at large.

We’ll have to see what gives.

“so hood”

Try everything at least once, right?

So my one boy and I, @mogomotsi on Twitter, decided to create a hip hop track! Ok ok the idea is absolutely insane – we’re two nerds so what on earth do we know about making music, yes? Anyway, I’ve started writing lyrics to a track called “so hood” in which we will both feature our lyrical wizardry. *insert sitcom-studio laughter here*

Strange enough, once I “left” the hood to score myself a degree (thank you, thank you – lol!), people have this strange perception that I was born and raised in the “burbs”. I hope they were thinking the likes of Morningside in Sandton… I’m quite fond of that area.

Anyway, should be interesting. Once the lyrics bit is done we need a beat. I have one in my head, but for the life of me I don’t know how to create music. Bummer. Wouldn’t hurt to try though, right?

Ooh, a music video to follow perhaps? Nerdy and hood all at once? A video vixen? Low-budget, granted, but fun, punchy and crispy fresh? Oh hell yeah!
*leans back into chair and resumes the day dreaming…*

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