MixMeister Vol. 9

It was September 2013 when I finally put this together. I included two tracks by Elements of Life which I love dearly. Between you and I – I hate that I included that Dj Kent track. You know which one. I have nothing against the man, but it’s not exactly my cup of tea. I really couldn’t manage a Vol. 9.01 this time around so I let it slide. There are two tracks I love so very deeply in this mix – discovered “Until We Meet Again” by Roland Clark which is EVERYthing. Beautiful. The last track was deemed a “future classic” on Euphonic’s Sunday Evening show some many moons ago. Which is where I it first. I haven’t been jamming much radio, but I haven’t heard it. Hope you like this mix. It makes me happy for many reasons and even has some good memories attached to it. Get yours HERE.

This is the last “MixMeister” Soon we have (DJ) Vinmeister Mixes :’)


DJ MixMeister
MixMeister Vol. 9

Track Listing:
1. Draggin’ My Heels – Elements Of Life
2. Beautiful (Original Mix) – Peyton, Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper, Director’s Cut
3. Lost It All (feat. Zaki) – Dj Whisky
4. Lovin U (feat. Marc Evans) [Main Mix] – H.I.M.O.L
5. Day Dreamer (feat. Rakeem) – Funk Deepstar
6. Came into my life(NYC remix) – Elements of life ft Anane
7. Spin My World (feat. The Arrows) – Dj Kent
8. Fabulous(Roots House Mix) – Sara Devine
9. Be – Zaki Ibrahim, Kid Fonque & Dj Whisky
10. Until We Meet Again (Sean McCabe Remix) – Dj Roland Clark & Urban Soul
11. Love Me Back (Manoo Edit) – Rocco, Byron Stingily


MixMeister Volume 8 AND 8.01?

That’s right. So, might have been a while ago, but so along came Volume 8 quickly followed by 8.01 a day later. Reason for this? I grew tired of having mixes that are only an hour long. This mix includes a mix of London Roots by Uhuru that I first heard in Miami back in March 2013 at the Winter Music Conference. Black Coffee absolutely made my trip with that one track. I spent month after month looking for it – still not officially ‘released’ by the way. Well, ended 8.01 with that, but 8.01 ends in one of my all time favorites – Musica Feliz by Rodemaal. Mannnnnnn! WHAT A JAM! Anyway, here are the track listing. Slightly different. Soulful house the whole way – you know how we do. #ForTheLoveOfHouseMusic

As always you know you can download allllll my mixes from my DropBox HERE

MixMeister Vol. 8
Track Listing

1. Difference (Bright Breeze Acoustic Mix) – Darque ft. Kaylow
2. Where Did You Go (AtJazz Remix) – Shea
3. It’s Over (Original Mix) – Rocco, Kafele
4. Give Me Rythm (Samir Maslo Remix) – Corrado Rizza
5. Hidden Heart (Doruk Ozlen ZLN Mix) – Roque, Jaidene Veda
6. Perfectly (AtJazz Vocal Mix) – The Layabouts, Shea Soul
7. In Love (Ten83 Main Mix) – Problem Child, Ten83, Noshka
8. Fall For You (Shandy Rivera’s Classic Mix) – Kings of Tomorrow, April
9. Welcome Aboard – Liquideep
10. Taking Over The World (Original Mix) – Nativeroots, Zano
11. Missing You (Ridney Reword) – Artful, Ridney, Terri Walker
12. I’m Free (DJ Hloni Original Mix) – Fistaz Mixwell, Mello Soul
13. London Roots (Uhuru Remix) – Louie Vega ft. Johnny Dangerous


MixMeister Vol. 8.01
Track Listing

1. Difference (Bright Breeze Acoustic Mix) – Darque ft. Kaylow
2. Where Did You Go (AtJazz Remix) – Shea
3. It’s Over (Original Mix) – Rocco, Kafele
4. Give Me Rythm (Samir Maslo Remix) – Corrado Rizza
5. Hidden Heart (Doruk Ozlen ZLN Mix) – Roque, Jaidene Veda
6. Perfectly (AtJazz Vocal Mix) – The Layabouts, Shea Soul
7. In Love (Ten83 Main Mix) – Problem Child, Ten83, Noshka
8. Fall For You (Shandy Rivera’s Classic Mix) – Kings of Tomorrow, April
9. Welcome Aboard – Liquideep
10. Taking Over The World (Original Mix) – Nativeroots, Zano
11. Missing You (Ridney Reword) – Artful, Ridney, Terri Walker
12. I’m Free (DJ Hloni Original Mix) – Fistaz Mixwell, Mello Soul
13. London Roots (Uhuru Remix) – Louie Vega ft. Johnny Dangerous
14. Musica Feliz (Ales S Return To Disco Mix) – Rodamaal & Nocinha


MixMeister Vol. 7

For me? My favorite mix to date. For many? They still love MixMeister Vol. 1! Hehe! All good. I will reach a point again where my selection reaches that level of ‘entertainment’? Something to that effect. as usual you can get this latest mix, and all the others, right: here. This is likely my last mix with ‘tribal’ house. Not too keen on ‘drums’ any longer sooo… A much more soulful Vol. 8 coming soon!


That said? Here’s the Track Listing:

1. It’s you (San Soda’s Panorama) – FCL
2. I feel (Souldynamic Mix) – Logistix pres. Deon Nathan
3. Shining Star – 2 Bears 1 Love ft. Nneka
4. Not Yet Uhuru – DJ Vetkoek VS Mahoota
5. Run Run – @katlegs
6. Do It (QB’s Hot Mix) – Shake The Dog ft. Monique Bingham
7. Rock My World (Jullian Gomez Deep Mix) – Black Coffee ft. Zakes Bantwini
8. World Is Good (Original Mix) – Chynamique & Claude
9. Khona – Mafikizolo
10. That Lazy Song – Black Motion ft. Nape
11. Body Move (Main Mix) – Sean McCabe, Groove Assassin
12. Poor People – Quentin Harris ft Monique Bingham

Taken at The Waterfront, Cape Town (December 2012)
Taken at The Waterfront, Cape Town (December 2012)

MixMeister Vol. 6

I’ve had this mix out a month now (heaven knows I took my sweet time with this), but it is high time I put it out here! Soulful house is still primarily the name of the game, but I’ve included some work by a producer from Pretoria named “Problem Child” who is just… give this a listen.  Download this mix here.

Track Listing

1. Love Can’t Break YOu Down (Shur-I-Kan’s 80’s Vocal Remix) – Kruse & Nuernberg ft. Stee Downes
2. The Light (Copyright Classic Mix) – Reel People ft. Vanessa Freeman
3. Do it ft. Monique Bingham – Shake The Dog
4. Found Love (Fanatix Mix) – Blaze
5. Pride – Dj Pepsi ft. Monique Bingham
6. Rock My World (Original Mix) – Black Coffee ft. Soulstar
7. To Be In Love (Muzikbarik Remix) – Paradise 45 ft. Nalaya
8. All This Love That I’m Givin’ (Sean McCabe Love Groove Vocal Mix) – Belezamusica
9. Joy – Nastee Nev
10. Hade Mabebeza (Main Mix) – VaalSow
11. Etla Gauteng – Problem Child
12. Spiritual Love Affair (Original Mix) – Bantu Soul


MixMeister Vol. 5

A few weeks late this instalment, but definitely worth the wait. Mostly vocal, soulful house music in this mix and a new favourite of mine is ‘About Love’ by Sean McCabe. Amazing tune in my opinion. I stayed away from tribal house this time around so I keep it as soulful as can be. 1hr10min in this instalment so… Download it here: here // Enjoy!

MixMeister Vol. 5
Track Listing

1. I wish I wasn’t kidding (The Layabouts Future Retro Remix) – Tarantulaz
2. Hooked on you – Dj Leroi ft. Donald Sheffey
3. Lifted (P.M. Project Corner Cafe Mix) – 5 Years Of So What
4. Feels like home (Rocco’s Reconstruction Mix)- MdCL ft. Ovasoul7
5. Take me to my love (Main Mix) – Ralf Gum ft. Monique Bingham
6. Believing (Original Mix) – UPZ ft. Kafele
7. Alibi (Dennis F’s Out On Bail Mix) – Reel People
8. Time of our lives (Atjazz Love Soul Remix) – Santos
9. About Love (Sean McCabe’s Paradise Vox Mix) – Groove Assassin, Kenny Bobien
10. Sabir (Main Mix) – Da Capo
11. Afrikan Sax – Brazo Wa Afrika

MixMeister Vol. 5 Artwork
MixMeister Vol. 5 Artwork

Our Times versus Their Times

Why the times have really changed.

I believe that we are not far off from the sort of way our parents were in their heyday. Fair enough – we consume far more media and have access to that angelic demon called the internet where one can learn to create a bomb using household contents or find the words to express how they feel about someone.

I’ve observed how mobile communications devices – tablets, cellular phones, computers, etcetera – pose a huge risk to many a relationship that are business-related all the way to the most personal of relationships. The reason is because, well, it is fairly simple to reach people in different places and therefore just as simple to breach many forms of ‘contracts’. Don’t get me wrong – there is the human element. People make the errors and not the devices themselves in the same way that guns don’t kill people, but people kill people. Well, regardless, the very device you can’t live without results in you living without certain people and things it affects.

Another big difference in ‘the times’ between our parents and us? Travel. It is now no longer a full day’s drive to move from Pretoria to Polokwane. From 3 to 5 hours you can essentially move halfway across the country. For a few hundred rands you can be in Cape town in 6 hours or less. What does this equate to? The ability to reach an infinitely larger audience. Sometimes this audience is in the form of the opposite sex. The opposite sex which is likely easy to conceal whatever you ‘left behind’. Therein lies the problem.

Essentially I have only identified 2 things – travel and communications. Two things that literally and figuratively drive the entire planet. And many relationships apart. From toll gate slips, SMS messages, emails or merely sending a message to an unintended recipient. These simple examples are the downfall of many.

Car Cellphone. Quite… Fitting.

Imagine how much simpler our lives would be if we could not date girls in the next city? Okay, the thought of that is quite sad, but you get my point. So, stop comparing us in the here and now with them in the then and there. Some of “them” are in the now and the divorce rate is a clear indication thereof. Oh, people need to exercise self-control and be responsible for their actions? Well, it is not by chance that people from every kind of walk of life land up with similar relationship challenges. From the very rich to the poor. In cities and in remote villages. The opposite sex and in some cases the same-sex who actually do the responsible thing 9.9 times out of 10, but it is without a doubt that as any goal keeper can’t keep every shot at goal out that 0.1 times out of 10 one will bypass your last line of defense.

I am of course not condoning nonsensical behaviour, but merely stating my observation. Play safely!

MixMeister Vol. 4

I know this is pretty much all I’ve posted of late, but I sure love house music.  Soulful house music. Vocal house music!  This therefore is an extension of me in terms of what makes me happy.  I have gone with quote an upbeat mix this time around in anticipation of MixMeister Vol. 5 which will be a dance mix with some of my favourite tracks from the first 4 instalments.  As usual there is new music in the mix, some old music, some old classics newly remixed and something local to end it off.  Do enjoy, share with everyone and leave a comment if you please 🙂 Get it here!

MixMeister Vol. 4
Track Listing

1. This Time Baby – Pray for More ft. Annette Taylor
2. La Vida – Mi Casa
3. Wonderful (Club Mix) – Moodyfreaks ft. Donald Sheffey
4. Darling – Todi Mugivhi
5. I Gobedea (The Brothers Mix) – Knee Deep
6. No No No – Harrison Crump
7. Getting Nowhere (Yoruba Soul Remix) – Magnetic Man ft. John Legend
8. Change For Me – Eric Roberson
9. Black Jazz #9 – Nick Holder
10. How Do I Let Go (DJ Slider Remix) – Dennis Ferrer feat. KT Brooks
11. Suite Disappointment (Rocco Remix) – Axus
12. My Name Is (Main Mix) – Dj Zinhle ft. Busiwa Gqulu

MixMeister Vol. 3

I truly believe that I am finally getting the hang of this.  I received invaluable feedback from some friends and DJs I know and the product is MixMeister Vol. 3

Slightly late as the plan is to release once every 3 weeks, but hopefully worth the wait.  More of a compilation style of mixing here with a LITTLE bit of experimentation with some of the tracks – as usual.  Was sure to add some South African flavour as always so do enjoy.  It’s highly likely all the pictures I’ve taken of my feet in various parts of SA and the world will feature as my “album artwork”. Download Volume Three HERE.

Track list for Volume 3:

1. Get Over It (Including Mixes from Ezel & Sun-EL Sithole) (Ezel Remix) – Bucie
2. Net Day (Louie Vega Soul Remix) – Patty Labelle
3. Joy (Rocco Mix) – Donna Allen
4. It’s Alright (Hoxton_Whores_Mix) – Sterling Void
5. I Know You I Live You (Joey Negro Mix – Grant Nelson Re-Visit) – Yolanda Wyns
6. Addicted (Chris Deep Mix) – Euphonik & Lulo Cafe
7. Touch Me – DJ Mphoza
8. Gotta Keep On Moving (Original Mix)
9. Complicated (DJ Christos Magic Mix) – Ralf GUM feat. Kafele
10. You. Me. World (DJ Christos Deep Mix) – Monique Bingham
11. Happy Endz (Deep Inc Mix) – Seamless Twelves
12. What Happened (Restless Soul Main Vocal Mix) – Erefaan Pearce feat. Kylie Auldist 


MixMeister Vol. 2

Can’t quite use SoundCloud this time around, but here’s a link to my latest house mix.

MixMeister Vol. 2
Track listing?

1 Close Your Eyes – Miguel Migs Feat. Meshell Ndegeocello (Osunlade Yoruba Mix)
2 Gabrielle – Emkyu feat D.D.B. Feat. Guy Robin & DJ Leo Mixes (Qualifide Remix)
3 Gabriel – Joe Goddard Feat. Valentina (Original Mix)
4 Time – The Realm ft. Tony Momrelle (Frankie Feliciano Classic Vocal Mix)
5 Upon Ourselves – Argy Feat. Bajka – (Yoruba Soul Mix)
6 Amaphoyisa – Dj Fresca & Black Motion ft Tuna
7 London Roots – Vega Feat. Johnnydangerous (Main Mix)
8 Tonight – Miguel Migs (Fred Everything Lazy Vocal Mix)
9 Your Body – Josh Milan (Louie Vega Eol Mix)
10 Father To Be – Black Motion Feat. Dr Malinga
11 Far Away – The Copasetic (Main Mix)
12 Never Felt So Fly – Rasmus Faber Feat. Melo (Original Mix)

Do enjoy!

MixMeister Vol. 1

I don’t know where I get the time for this, but zissss is me first house mix! Give it a listen/download and lemme know what you sink?


MixMeister Vol. 1
Track Listing

1 Falling – By Dj Kent
2 It’s The Music (Rocco Dub Mix) – By Dj Pap
3 Real Love (Rocco Dub Mix) – By Jake Island
4 I Love The Night (Louie Vega Roots Mix) – By Rocco
5 Summer Breeze (Atjazz Original Concept) – By N’Dinga Gaba
6 Love Song 28 – By Jullian Gomes
7 Home (Harness Taboo Vocal Mix) – By Simply Red
8 Do Better (Vocal Mix) – By The Layabouts
9 Love Is You (Cajual 20 Year Anniversary Mix) – By Cajmere & Russoul
10 Please Me (Original Mix) – By Gregor Salto, Florian T
11 I’M So Hung Up On You (Infinite Boys Mix) – By Nastee Nev
12 What Happened To Us (Original Soulful) – By The Jinks
13 Hooked On You (Rocco’s Deconstruction Mix) – By Dj Le Roi
14 Moments (Atjazz Inst. Mix – Qt Edit) – By Musaria

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