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Taxi Driver. Motorcyclist. Cut from the same cloth?

I cannot start to express how much I do not respect taxi drivers. Yes, they take brunt of being responsible for some 16 million commuters on a weekly basis, but how do we even begin to justify the manner in which these commuters are transported? How refreshing would it be to WANT to leave one’s car at home over the weekend on the regular and utilise a public transport form instead? Truth is – by the time most commuters can afford to no longer use a taxi they breathe an eternal sigh of relief. They are also highly unlikely to revisit that avenue if they can help it.

Now, my biggest issue with the South African Taxi Organisations, which we’ll call SATO for this exercise, is that they don’t contribute towards the tax revenue of this country. Okay, I lie – they do, but like any cash business – how do YOU know if they don’t make 6 times what they declare? Anyway, that’s another topic altogether. Let me get into the heart of my gripe – red robots, speeding, poor condition of the vehicles, barrier line overtaking, tricks to avoid stand-still traffic… Now, I am generally not bothered by this because I’ve used taxis for much of my life. I KNOW how impatient the passengers are. This IS Gauteng and we’re all always in a rush. Very bizarre, but admittedly true. Well, if you’ve experienced any of this ‘horrendous’ driving I’m talking about then I have to ask – have you ever witnessed motorcycles on our roads and wondered – “Are taxi drivers and motorcyclists cut form the same cloth?”

Thailand - Bangkok - Public Transportation - Tuk-Tuk (Motorcycle Taxi)
Thailand - Bangkok - Public Transportation - Tuk-Tuk (Motorcycle Taxi)

There isn’t a single way in which I can differentiate between them – all are in a rush, they feel they own the road and have an incredible sense of entitlement. “Look at me. Why did you not see me? Let’s get off/out of our vehicles and battle it out then!”

It’s a damn shame. On a lighter side – I love witnessing quarrels between the two. Much like sibling rivalry. Truly one and the same.

Quite the sight.


The true value of health…

One thing I have always attempted to preach is the true value of health. Good health. There are aspects of everyone’s lives which they are likely not to share with the world. Their reasons for keeping some knowledge from the world is driven by many things, but some are to the tune of not seeking sympathy, regret and them probably having the ability of making life hell for themselves or someone they care about should details become openly available.

It is so strange that there are so many of us on this planet yet when you get robbed you keep thinking “Why ME?!” when, quite frankly, you’re not all that special. I don’t mean this in a malicious way. Okay, maybe a little – hehe! I too have been robbed, once upon a black moon, and all I kept feeling was anger. The sort of anger people feel when they discover that they or someone they know closely has been affected by something such as a chronic illness. In this class I can think of asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, various autoimmune diseases and cancer. Now, because these are so wide it is safe to assume that they affect pretty much everyone you know including yourself. The worst has however got to be when it’s a brother, sister, a parent or even yourself.

It is when you read and/or listen to someone affected by something like this directly that you realise just how deep the cut from long-term suffering really is. I am not a member of the medical fraternity so let me not bore you with the technicalities. What I feel is simple – appreciate everything you have. If you lost a right hand appreciate having the left. If you lost both then appreciate having someone to care for your needs. Life’s not easy and we all have a painful story to tell.

I am no different.

“so hood”

Try everything at least once, right?

So my one boy and I, @mogomotsi on Twitter, decided to create a hip hop track! Ok ok the idea is absolutely insane – we’re two nerds so what on earth do we know about making music, yes? Anyway, I’ve started writing lyrics to a track called “so hood” in which we will both feature our lyrical wizardry. *insert sitcom-studio laughter here*

Strange enough, once I “left” the hood to score myself a degree (thank you, thank you – lol!), people have this strange perception that I was born and raised in the “burbs”. I hope they were thinking the likes of Morningside in Sandton… I’m quite fond of that area.

Anyway, should be interesting. Once the lyrics bit is done we need a beat. I have one in my head, but for the life of me I don’t know how to create music. Bummer. Wouldn’t hurt to try though, right?

Ooh, a music video to follow perhaps? Nerdy and hood all at once? A video vixen? Low-budget, granted, but fun, punchy and crispy fresh? Oh hell yeah!
*leans back into chair and resumes the day dreaming…*