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So some months back I went out into the the big bad world of Johannesburg in search of something very simple – some form of African attire I can wear to a friend’s upcoming wedding.  Ultimately I realised that “Hey, you’re a tie man!”

I love ties.  They make sense.  They help me feel ‘put together’.  That and I find it impossible to wear something like a dashiki.  So… I went looking for a tie that incorporated African print instead.  Did I find one?  Yes of course I did – bow ties.  Many of them.  Not my scene as such.  I did however stumble across some amazing African print on that search.  It then dawned on me that “Hey, you a guy that can sew some things together if need be!”

Which is true, I guess.  There were some non-believers, especially a particular lady, but I put my first slim tie using African print together and… I think this works!  Time travel 4 months later and is about to go up in early October 2014.  This tie I made is now a potentially decent business founded on the basis that I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  So I made it.  Out of this came the idea of an online Men’s Accessories company named “Tied^” (Tied Up) with a friend who is now my partner on this venture.  We will look at creating interesting items that incorporate African print so that it can finally be worn by men in a way that has never really been seen before.  Some ‘rare’.  Some ‘common’.  All made to order.

Should be great!  I’m excited about this and will give it my all.


This is my idea of giving birth…

Few things I enjoyed a few years ago like creating websites. Graphic design a bit, but giving birth to a website fills me with great pride and some form of technical understating. Attention to detail. And no other website is better to put together, as a ‘creative’, such as your own. You’re literally free to do anything you want. And so I did. I am silly in a way so I had to throw in some silly lines here and there. Also, now I have a single point of reference for my hobby of being a DJ as well as a page I can point people who would like to access my mixes to.

This new site incorporates a design style I founded (or rather one I’ve never seen anywhere else in the world wide web) which is a single page. Accessible from any platform such as phones as well and I had to consider the likes of computers with mice as well as touchscreen devices when designing it. Yes, it will look similar to the F5 Website, which I also put together a few years ago, and the idea is to navigate the entire web page on the landing page. All ‘sub-pages’ are actually low-resolution images so that the site can open easily and quickly on even a slow net connection.

Now, this does NOT mean I am now looking to become a big shot DJ. No. It hopefully indicates that I am serious about life.

Sunday evening, 19 January 2014, I gave birth to this here baby that you can visit at this link:


Check it out. Book me. I need the moola! Lol. No, for real (-_-“)