The Top 3 Things That ABSOLUTELY Get To Me

It’s fair to say security is important in ways we sometimes tend to take for granted – be it financial, personal or physical – we all have a need to feel safe and sound.  Living in an ever so slightly ‘interesting’ country like South Africa means you always have to look behind your back to make doubly sure that the ‘coast is clear’ and safe to proceed.  I will however argue that South Africa is a stunning country to live in, but the problem?  SOME people. Those marks on a fairly clean table cloth at your favorite restaurant.  Like spilled gravy. Very messy and in need of a full washing machine cotton-appropriate cycle.  Sadly some of these people are our friends and family.  well, at this point in space and time here are the top 3 things that ABSOLUTELY get to me:

Forgetting a Password

Working in the field of information technology introduced the idea of having to memorize some 20+ passwords and personal identification numbers (PIN) for my phone(s), bank account(s), email accounts (in excess of 10 in my case), iTunes accounts, bicycle chain, travel suitcase, multiple social media platforms, and not forgetting the dozens of keys, access control cards and tags at any given point in time.  The only thing that gets close in burden intensity are loyalty reward program cards.  I for one carry a fairly small card holder and in there you barely find room for a medical insurance card, but what will you catch me dead with?  A loyalty card.  I can appreciate a good discount, but where do people find room for these hundreds of cards?  How do they even keep track?  No chance, mate.  It’s just a clever ploy to obtain your personal information and sell your information to companies you’ve never even heard of.  If that’s your thing, accumulating points, then I think it’s cute 🙂

The only solution to ALL this mess?  Biometric access control for absolutely everything.  My fingers (paired with a waterless sanitizer and/or wet wipes) are ready to take control over all entrances, vehicles, mobile device(s), notebook(s), ATMs, travel cases… you name it!  Between your finger prints and retinas there’s a combination there that is actually completely unique in the world.  An actual ‘one of a kind’ feature most people have. I am willing that these are 1st world problems, but imagine you no longer had to remember more than 5 of any form of password.  BLISS!  Now all you’d need to do is not lose your fingers and/or eyes.   Be safe now!

Living in Diepsloot, South Africa

Many who ‘know’ me would be aware that I currently call Diepsloot, in the North of Johannesburg South Africa, home.  In reality I live about 5km from Diepsloot, but the encounters with the taxi drivers on that route, Along William Nicol between the N14 and N1 Western Bypass freeways, on a daily basis has welled up a new level of hate towards taxi drivers.  I choose to use the word hate because they have complete disregard for other road users – including pedestrians and their own passengers.  They simply don’t consider you.  You don’t exist.  You’re in the way.  You have to give them the right of way.  In fact I believe I have now developed full blown road rage, and I’m ready to get into a physical fight if I must.  One that will probably end me, but see if I care. 😦

Besides that bit – we have Steyn City, only one of the most expensive residential developments in Africa when you requirements like your net worth being over R10m in order to qualify to reside there are a must, going on just a kilometer down the road.  I’ve had the pleasure of being in there for lunch, and despite it being incredibly scenic and well-thought out – it has required expansion in the form of: roads, water and electricity.  As a result of these expansion requirements in the last 2 years of residing in ‘Diepsloot’ I have experienced power and water failures so often that I was only left to console myself by remembering that ‘this is Africa’ after all.  All I need to do to remedy this is to move into the parts of Johannesburg I can’t afford to live in… great.

Lending People Money

I think I’m a sucker.  I think I’m a fool.  I think I am absolutely ashamed at how much of my hard-earned money is ‘out there’ in the world and now home with ‘daddy’.  Spent on satisfying the temporary needs by people who don’t give a damn about where I am and if I am in need of my money.  Perception is what continues to betray me.  The perception that perhaps they need my money more than I need it myself.  That and the trust I have that hearing ‘I’ll pay you on Wednesday.  I promise!’ is a real thing.  It hardly ever is.  Often it’s a Thursday or in the distant, unknown future.  I am above exposing someone in a social or public space, but I am not above burning bridges knowing that I won’t get that money back.  I’ll sleep better knowing I never have to ‘deal’ with that person ever again.  One less problem.  The part I hate is that some of these people are family members.  You’ll see someone buy a whole new outfit, showing it off to you, as if no exchange of money ever took place.

In fact my mind is heavy with how I have continued to be ‘that sucker’.  That I always seem to have bothered to tap into that box labelled ‘sympathy’ when they plead for help.

Then you have to go practically ‘begging’ for your own money like you have nothing else better to do.  Become a debt collector, mate!  They won’t explain why they can’t pay you as agreed!  They won’t have the courtesy to agree to new terms that suit them better!  NO!  You must wait in that abyss of nothingness.  Makes you wish you had forced them all to sign acknowledgments of debt just so they know you can come for them legally if they mess you around.  Not because it would be worth it, but for the principle.

So – if you’re going to ‘lend’ someone money?  Be willing to write it and that person off, unless it’s someone worth keeping.  A rare type of person that so… rather say no.  Be the asshole.  Go spend your own money on ice cream if you must!  It’s worth the peace of mind. B-)

Genesis1 Pin-Pad Fingerprint Scanner
Genesis1 Pin-Pad Fingerprint Scanner

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