Women and Flirting…

“Beep Beep” – the arrival of a flirtatious text on a lady’s phone.  From you, my guy.  Something lousy about how amazing she looks and how you’re into her.  

Problem is that she feels this much for you: 0.

Don’t sweat it!  It happens.  People want to attract the attention and affection of those they consider actual ‘potentials’.  Some even after they have settled down… The rest of us?  We are mere humans!  There seemingly isn’t a way you can put a foot right with the target.  Not in the foreseeable and desirable future anyway.  A time you won’t get to reach because you’d be deflated.  Fuel runs out!  However… if you’re the right person for ‘the job’?  Mannnn… you will even hear from this lady about how others are failing to meet the benchmark you didn’t even try to reach.  Good going, my guy!  Life is tricky and (un)fair like that.  What is even more weird?  You’re possibly not attracted to this lady.  Not like that anyway.  She is very much deeply embedded in the swamp area of your friend-zone.  Also pretty cool?  The guys she doesn’t deem ‘good enough for the job’ are in the same position.  Knee-deep in that mosquito-infested water.  Life’s little joke.  You were expecting to read and see something about the content of this flirting?  It actually doesn’t matter.  Demand and supply – don’t do it and you’ll find that the market is suddenly begging to hear you say sweet nothings, my guy!  WIN!  That said – keep at it, but leave our women alone, you bastards!



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