This is my idea of giving birth…

Few things I enjoyed a few years ago like creating websites. Graphic design a bit, but giving birth to a website fills me with great pride and some form of technical understating. Attention to detail. And no other website is better to put together, as a ‘creative’, such as your own. You’re literally free to do anything you want. And so I did. I am silly in a way so I had to throw in some silly lines here and there. Also, now I have a single point of reference for my hobby of being a DJ as well as a page I can point people who would like to access my mixes to.

This new site incorporates a design style I founded (or rather one I’ve never seen anywhere else in the world wide web) which is a single page. Accessible from any platform such as phones as well and I had to consider the likes of computers with mice as well as touchscreen devices when designing it. Yes, it will look similar to the F5 Website, which I also put together a few years ago, and the idea is to navigate the entire web page on the landing page. All ‘sub-pages’ are actually low-resolution images so that the site can open easily and quickly on even a slow net connection.

Now, this does NOT mean I am now looking to become a big shot DJ. No. It hopefully indicates that I am serious about life.

Sunday evening, 19 January 2014, I gave birth to this here baby that you can visit at this link:


Check it out. Book me. I need the moola! Lol. No, for real (-_-“)

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