I introduce: Dj (Vin)Meister Branding

I have always imagine I would brand myself some way or some how some day. I have actually been doing the DJing “thing” for longer than I can care to remember. Okay I lie – since 2003. I played at a party where I ‘dropped’ a track called “Casablanca”. I was basically escorted away from the DJ booth shortly afterwards. It took another 3 years to get that dream up and running again by playing at a varsity party in 2006. Which went well-ish. Well, you know the usual poor DJ struggle – Virtual DJ and no other real equipment…

Fast forward to 2014 and I am finally on the brink of my first official, and paying, gig!


It is fair to say I am a little dramatic. And so I went and branded myself as DJ Vinmeister officially. Got a website up and running at all (Check next post). All this in one Sunday where I had just enough peace and quiet to do whatever I pleased. And so I did. I introduce:


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