MixMeister Vol. 3

I truly believe that I am finally getting the hang of this.  I received invaluable feedback from some friends and DJs I know and the product is MixMeister Vol. 3

Slightly late as the plan is to release once every 3 weeks, but hopefully worth the wait.  More of a compilation style of mixing here with a LITTLE bit of experimentation with some of the tracks – as usual.  Was sure to add some South African flavour as always so do enjoy.  It’s highly likely all the pictures I’ve taken of my feet in various parts of SA and the world will feature as my “album artwork”. Download Volume Three HERE.

Track list for Volume 3:

1. Get Over It (Including Mixes from Ezel & Sun-EL Sithole) (Ezel Remix) – Bucie
2. Net Day (Louie Vega Soul Remix) – Patty Labelle
3. Joy (Rocco Mix) – Donna Allen
4. It’s Alright (Hoxton_Whores_Mix) – Sterling Void
5. I Know You I Live You (Joey Negro Mix – Grant Nelson Re-Visit) – Yolanda Wyns
6. Addicted (Chris Deep Mix) – Euphonik & Lulo Cafe
7. Touch Me – DJ Mphoza
8. Gotta Keep On Moving (Original Mix)
9. Complicated (DJ Christos Magic Mix) – Ralf GUM feat. Kafele
10. You. Me. World (DJ Christos Deep Mix) – Monique Bingham
11. Happy Endz (Deep Inc Mix) – Seamless Twelves
12. What Happened (Restless Soul Main Vocal Mix) – Erefaan Pearce feat. Kylie Auldist