What really matters to the youth

I believe that our ruling political party, the African National Congress, is in a sticky situation around the ANC Youth League president Julius Malema. I do not wish to write about neither. Well, at least not directly. In my mid-twenties I consider myself to be part of the “youth” and with that I believe I understand some of the real issues the youth of South Africa today are faced with.

With some 5 years working I can assure you that I understand the purpose of tax collection so I may curse SARS, but they definitely serve a vital role in our country. I need some answers though – what happens to the fuel levy and/or taxes? Where do these go? How does it make sense to add e-toll routes on national roads used by hundreds of thousands of people daily? The argument being that the government wants to promote the use of public transportation? Nonsense. Does it make sense that the government wishes to have more jobs, especially for the young, yet the “young” are given the highest interest rates for houses and motor vehicles at banks? Does it makes sense that the young pay high premiums for vehicle insurance even though they may have never claimed from insurance? Does it make sense that 5% of the country’s population provides 100% of the tax collected?

Why is this burden placed on the few? We live in a country where it’s ‘okay’ to give every second ‘beggar’ money at traffic lights. It’s ‘okay’ to tip every car guard for every 5 minutes spent in a shopping centre. It’s okay to see the blind and elderly parading their kids or blind for money. It’s ‘okay’ to hand out grants to a plethora of people every month. It is also ‘okay’ to accept that billions gets spent irregularly yet somehow we, the 5%, need to foot the bill for the National Health Insurance?


I can assure you that even after seeing “1st world countries” that South Africa is an amazing place. I however can’t understand why a young black person that is qualified and experienced in a job still earns less than their white counterpart. I can’t get why our own black people offer us, their fellow blacks, inferior service in almost any place of trade. How are black business meant to thrive when a company needs to pave the way to carrying out almost any significant project out with bribe money? Why do our South African artists and sports stars not get nourished from a young age and get taught how to manage their money once they start earning some? Why is a simple thing as reading not enforced on every person in this country to build, ultimately, a nation that can produce its own ‘everything under the sun’?

I just don’t get it. Forget the mines and the land. Forget all that. Focus on the really important things that actually affect the youth and this country in the long run. There are people who know and feel what I feel. Young and otherwise and of every shade under the sky in this country.

I wish our “youth leaders” were concerned about similar issues and not struggle songs. This is the new struggle.

// A special thank you to Catherine for inspiring this.

Life is a beautiful struggle - thebeautifullstruggle.tumblr.com
Life is a beautiful struggle - thebeautifullstruggle.tumblr.com

The downs and downs of body odour

I just have to say that I blame poor parenting. If parents are not applicable then I blame poor upbringing. So very much goes right and/or wrong in the development stages of a child. When that child was busy annoying the living brain fluid (formally called cerebrospinal fluid) out of you why did it seem such a reach to say: “Hey junior, wanna know something cool? The body cools itself by releasing tiny drops of liquid all over your body. Everywhere you see some hair is what we call a pore. Want to know something else, Junior? Yes? Oh but of course you do! This liquid is called sweat and if you ever go for long periods of time without some form of deodorant this sweat can become smelly. Do you want to be smelly, Junior?”

Junior will reply, to the pleasure of your ears: “No daddy!”

Sweet imagery isn’t it? And there. It’s done. As a parent you have succeeded in protecting your child from a lifetime of ridicule and possible rejection. What’s that about wanting your kids to “learn the ropes” the hard way? Bull****! Anti-perspirant not only reduces perspiration, but keeps germs that result in a stench at bay. I will be honest – I have not once, but twice ducked relationships because of body odour. Not mine – obviously not mine. *brushes dirt off shoulder*
It is so hard for me to comprehend beautiful women who don’t smell like a *insert your favourite smelling thing here*. Don’t get me wrong – perfume everyday isn’t remotely what I am suggesting, but much like a fresh breath – this might not score you points, but sure as the sun in the sky will not lose you any.

I smell a rat
I smell a rat

From under R10, about $1, you can belong to a group of elites who just smell… somewhere between neutral and great. We want to hang out with you. Be seen with you. Heck, we wanna put it up high and “High 5” you! What hurts my feelings though is that your friends and family know very well about the downs and downs of body odour, but why are they keeping you out of this ‘circle’? I have a theory: they don’t really love nor care about you.
Cruel maybe, but what other explanation is there?

Yes we just met and I think you look like the future mother to my kids, but after 21 it is NOT my role to come in and solve THIS particular problem. In fact – I don’t even know how to word it without hurting your feelings so I had to settle for being ‘that asshole’ with a nonsense excuse for not making you his woman. I’ve walked into rooms where an individual’s unpleasant odour killed something up my nasal canal and… thanks, but no thanks. I don’t want to put crosses on a map to indicate which parts of the world seem to breed cultures that excludes anti-perspirant… *considers it for a moment then comes to his senses*…, but even I have had an off day or two in my life, but there is honestly no excuse. There are so many brands and products to choose from – one or some are definitely for you and yes you’re far from home, but your 24-hours convenience store apparently has just what you need! *High Fives you*

Shower and/or bath properly. Take your time and roll-on it up. Improve your personal hygiene. Ditch your family and friends. They don’t love you anyway. Be cool. Literally.