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So that design I put up on March 29th (I went and checked) has been up and running for just over a month now 😀 It isn’t complete as the version “0.1” suggests, but we’re still ‘sewing’ this baby together. We’ve been scoring a lot of unique hits on the website and if that’s remotely any sign of things to come then this could be a monster! I have noticed some issues on Safari and most likely on Google Chrome. I need some time to sort this issue out. Really beats me as to why these companies don’t follow ONE standard with browsers. *sigh*

Over and above that we’re working on easy ways to upload news, music, videos and all. We would like this website to run itself in a way.

You are free to check the live website here - Home - Home - About Us - About Us - Contact Us - Contact Us

Fancy Affairs Website – Take Two

Still in design-phase and I’ve had to adjust the design a bit, fonts, images used and the colour scheme. Along with that was a change to the background as well in order to make the entire look and feel as light as possible. The existing website can be viewed at – which should in a way explain the layout of the website. Anyway, this is the result thus far:

Fancy Affairs - Home
Fancy Affairs - Home
Fancy Affairs - About Us
Fancy Affairs - About Us
Fancy Affairs - Catalogue
Fancy Affairs - Catalogue

Fancy Affairs Website Design

This is a project I got word on late last year and finally the client is ready to go with the project. For a change I had absolutely everything before I started working on this design – preferred layout, images, wording and all. Very nifty and for once I can actually say it is possible I will finish the project in record time 🙂

Fancy Affairs - Home
Fancy Affairs - Home
Fancy Affairs - About Us Page
Fancy Affairs - About Us Page
Fancy Affairs - Catalogue - Cake Stands
Fancy Affairs - Catalogue - Cake Stands

CasaNyumba Website Design

Well, this one design is actually my client’s idea. I am brought on board to add my spin to it and bring it to life really. First project where I actually sat with a client to put together a layout they want exactly. I celebrated too soon – some changes to follow. One another note – I quite like their work. I’ll add a few I like.


Site thus far:

casaNyumba - New Site
casaNyumba - New Site

Some pieces I like from CasaNyumba:

Why I find it so hard to give a woman a compliment

So we have established that there is no one person out there, roaming the streets behind designer shades,
Louboutin heels (yes, I’ve heard of them), a designer figure-hugging dress and accessories to match is a 10.
By ’10’ I mean – no one absolutely perfect. What a damn shame. When the shell’s a 10 then the contents are
likely to a score sub-8 score. Oh and absolutely – you get drop-dead gorgeous, but even THEN… you get
my point. I call this “The balance of nature.” Then comes that time when I, as a man, have to acknowledge that a
woman looks absolutely breathtaking. This right here is the hard part.

Innocent me: “Miss, you look… beautiful.” (Accompanied by a look resembling disbelief on the lady’s face.)
Lady’s response: “Why thank you ‘Innocent Me’, I know right?” (Insert giggle here)


Now, I can’t begin to count how many times I have regretted giving a woman a compliment. I actually believe
women think this response is cute. Most especially the giggle, but alas – we’re left thinking: “Right!” However,
women also need to factor in that there are MANY men out there who will say exactly what they want to hear to
get what they want; your body. To be PC – there are also women who will say whatever they have to in order to
get with other women. As a result, there are times when a less than worthy presentation and behaviour is placed
on a pedestal. In short – people lie. They lie, lie and lie some more. They tell us how awesome we look and
smell and, and, and,.. Then the problem then is that friends lie to us as well. These people we love and trust. They
betray you! I say you because mine tell me when I look shady – thank you! I want to mention your mothers and/
or family, but these people have to love and praise you. This is their function. Always get a second and third
opinion. Trust me on that.

Over time, a genuine compliment loses its value. This is a sad reality.

Perhaps the problem here is the frequency of the complimenting. Too much is obviously a problem. Switch the
scales and too little complimenting is a problem. We are dealing with women from my view point after all. The
latter of the statistical categories (I had to throw that in – varsity baby!) is a shame because I believe when a
compliment is brought your way, when it more often than not doesn’t, embrace it. It is most likely heartfelt,
genuine and without malice. Finding balance proves very difficult.

It is true that we all handle praise differently. Some get a ‘big head’ and for others it’s really run of the mill. Let’s
be honest – some people need less complimenting. No criticism, just less of the lies. The wish is to encounter
someone who is clearly doing it right (excuse the pun), compliment them and receive a genuine response. This
compliment must be received with a spirit, for a lack of better words, which will not behave like I am interested in
the contents of their pants. Honestly lady, I just met you. 97.19% of the time I wouldn’t touch you with a stick
never mind wanting to get into your pants. (The 97.19% is a thumb-sucked value – I’m not that hectic.) Thus far I
can’t tell you are ‘my type’, but at this very moment I just wish to inform you that: “You look lovely.”

Women dressing for other women.

I saw this on Twitter a few days ago. I wanted to disagree, but there was a long list of replies attached to the
original tweet which would mean drama if I opposed the movement. I think this is nonsense. Dress for other
women? Do women think men dress for other men? Okay, some yes – being PC, but c’mon ladies. For what if I
may ask? It’s for men to notice; a man, some men, your man or maybe even all the men for those feeling the cool
grip of winter coupled with an empty message inbox – ignoring the bank notifications for money departing your
cheque account. All I know is that when I’m in a club and women are looking hot – we, the men, notice and some
brave and dumb ones go in for the kill. I couldn’t care less because it is eye-candy for me and nothing more. I’ll
hardly give someone a triple-take. This is what I do. Who on earth wants a lady falsely thinking you’re interested
in them, right? Right! (By triple-take I mean worth not just a second look, but a lengthy and satisfactory third. A
fourth would be me undressing you. It doesn’t get here so no need to get excited.)

Complimenting the wrong people.

I was recently informed that this is my crime. I have to be honest – it cut me. It cut me mostly because of the source of this
statement. It cut me because it may be truth. I beg to differ. The problem I have diagnosed myself with is –
complimenting too damn little. When I do it, give a compliment, I do so as not to kill its impact and sincerity when
I do if I ever do. None the less – we live and we learn. We do what we have to in order to survive and rise above
the next person I suppose. I really prefer to take it all in with the eyes and commit it to memory for later viewing
in a day-dream. Yes, this is selfish.

In order to get over myself, which I clearly need to, I have very seriously considered the following disclaimer just
before I dish out a compliment to somebody (particularly a complete stranger): “Hi there lady (insert look of
bewilderment on the lady’s face here), please excuse me, but I have three things to say to you – firstly I want to
say I do not want to get into your pants. In all honestly I don’t even need to know your name. (Note I said nothing
about ‘want’.) Lastly I think you look absolutely stunning. From the outfit, the shades and all that you’ve got going
on. Whatever you’re doing – you’re doing it right. Thank you and goodbye.”

If you’re my woman – teach me how to treat you and you’ve got it! We all have something to learn. That’s if I’m not on point already that is.

This is why I find it so hard to give a woman a compliment.

Cyanide & Happiness - Mind if I sit here?
Cyanide & Happiness - Mind if I sit here? :: website design

Part II to the ‘mother site’ – – we now have the promotions site. It’s got a week or two until completion, but until then I have pretty much given this site direction. Over and above the visuals we’re implementing an online ordering system coupled with a CMS, content management system, to match. This will allow us to be able to produce pro-forma invoices and subsequently invoices from the website.

This should be something special at the end of the project.

ezinhle promotions :: home
ezinhle promotions :: home
ezinhle promotions :: catalogue
ezinhle promotions :: catalogue