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Here’s a site I put up this morning around 2am and I decided to move away from the rounder corners and very colourful websites such as sahiphop.co.za for more of a corporate look and feel. I still need to make quite a few changes, but overall I think the direction is pretty much decided on. Yet again – no pages scroll and the site actually packs 10+ pages. You should be able to visit it here.

For now:

ezinhle website design
ezinhle website design

What makes a woman beautiful…

Dear Ladies,

There is that moment when you encounter a woman who is not a 10, but perfectly understand themselves and their bodies. They’re not on a cat walk, but have a beautiful strut about them. The make up is to the T and even when her shades come off she was still quite the sight. We’ve seen her in a dress, in a skirt and jeans. We can’t even tell whether she was just being casual, but she absolutely killed us in those red heels. Guys experience this a lot actually. We don’t really know which way to look though. Some guys make it dead obvious, some hide it completely (this is me) and sometimes no one can help but go: “Tjo damn! This woman defines what makes a woman beautiful.”

I love these kind of women. Not “love” love, but greatly appreciate. Refreshing. Those who get the blood flowing. Or stopping. Whichever is appropriate. I have bumped into you at the local Woolies Food Store and yes – I saw the ring and I’m not gonna walk up to you, but I just want to say that you’re doing it right! Whatever “it” is. Your friend though? What happened with your friend? Why are you two receiving two different memos? She’s not coping in those heels – perhaps she should not have…?

The things that we guys actually see out here…

Have you ever taken some time to evaluate, in fine detail, how you look when you step out into the world? Now, I’m going to dive into things women believe men do not notice. Or should not notice? In my defense – I grew up around a family filled with women. I have seen and heard things I now consider invaluable.

Let’s start with clothes people wear to the shops or a local mall.

You’ve been there ‘a million times’ so who cares right? Yes, the bathroom slippers. The scarf you’ve wrapped your head around. That jersey you should have donated to charity some 4 years ago. Yes, we’ve seen you. We’ve written you off.

I understand that the right kind of nail polish is hard to come by. I’ve personally always loved the ‘clear’ varnish. It’s clean, neat and emphasises what’s what I really should be looking at (I have no clear idea what this is, but bare with me). Lately we find that there are nail polish colours one would have never imagined. Hues like yellow. You like yellow? Wait, you’re 29?? Yes they’re not chipped, but that would be an automatic fail anyway. We’ve written you off. Seriously, grow … 🙂

You’ve got a black lipstick lining on your mouth? What is this – 2003? We’ve written you OFF! *attempts to delete memory from mind… failed! Damnit*

Exhibit A: Zoe Saldana -animal-print dress
Exhibit A: Zoe Saldana -animal-print dress

Yes this is africa and I think African Print shoes are hot. Really really hot. That dress though? It makes me think of the WWF foundation. Not World Wrestling Foundation, no. The World Wildlife Fund. I’m sure their hearts, the WWF, bleeds as much as my eyes do every time I see an animal print dress. This is a mistake the world is making. It has nothing to do with being African. It has everything to do with being insensitive to your viewers. We haven’t written you off, but this is your first and last warning.

Yes, you tweezed and trimmed your eyebrows… 3 weeks ago. Now your liner and the sprouting eyebrow hair is at war… with my eyes. A LOT of women fail here. Yes, I understand that the genetic brows didn’t do it for you and made you look like a retard, but this is not winning. You’re pushing it – last laaaaaaast warning! What? BACK CHAT?? We’ve written you off!

These nail tips you have going on though… ok, let me rather not go here. (hehehehehehe!)
However, if you want to remove your nails (whatever they are called – I had moved out of home by the time these took over) do not rip them off out of anger. This is not winning.

That short skirt you’re wearing is lovely. That cellulite is not. Keep that in check. Neither is the ashy bit around your lovely heels. Yes, we notice. We’re scared to see what the rest of your feet and toes look like. You clearly don’t care about these smaller bits. We have most definitely written you off.

What the hell do I know about what makes a woman beautiful, right? Well, a lot. Yes, it’s hard being a woman. For YOU I ironed a new, crisp white shirt, cut my hair, cut my nails, made sure my hands were treated with some lotion, ditched the zam-buk for some vaseline, polished my shoes and am wearing my best cologne. Yes, the jacket is freshly pressed by the dry cleaners and since I’ve done all these things for you please get yourself ready – I’ll pick you up at 7.

Something beautiful…

Let’s take a moment to be honest about something: appearance is everything. Unless someone fed me some info about you, all I know from the get-go is what I see. I have reached a point where I prefer to conceal the pleasant visual stimulation I get from seeing ‘something beautiful’. Specifics? Not cars. Women.

*Deep breath*

There are few topics which are overrun with perceptive and subjective views such as how beautiful someone actually is. By beautiful I mean the physical aesthetics of a woman. How a woman looks. How a woman presents herself. How gracefully a woman goes about their walk… The hair she’s got going on, the make up, jewellery, her purse and the killer black heels. We are so obsessed with how we look, but in all honesty – this is perfectly normal. It’s all a dance we’re all plugged into. The dance to attract and KEEP a partner! Well, this is masked in a variety of ways: seeking attention; boosting one’s self-esteem; going out; dressing up for an ‘occasion’ or; just “felt like dressing up”. If no one notices and mentions a thing – what’s the point really? The really interesting bit for me is people’s apparent different understanding when I say: “That woman is beautiful.” Okay so I hardly get objections in this department, but be sure to believe that I object. I object a lot. I believe that “the dance”, complete strangers and people we consider as friends and family have led us to all believe in things that might not really be there. Let’s also be honest about something else – everyone wants to know that they actually look good from time to time. Yes, we all have our preferences, but there has to be a standard. This standard COULD be beauty pageants, but these are often greeted with superficial applause. “How on earth did SHE win?!” Perhaps the outside shouldn’t matter all that much. In fact, in the real world it doesn’t. It is far too brittle in that a mere fight could result in a fractured nose or a slip could end up in a lovely wound above your right eye. Perhaps even a droopy eye… These are actually bad examples, but you get the point.

So we have ass guys, boob guys, guys who are into women who are +size, men who are into tall(er) women, mixed breeds, “yellowbones”, “redbones” or even women with weaves. It all boils down to what the beholder deems fit. I say we all settle! And we should. There is no “10” out there. By 10 I mean a woman who is flawless. Set a standard and aim in there. Scored your 8? Good job! Now move over and give us the bachelors a chance, damnit!

I would love to throw in some images to depict what I think is beautiful. I’m concerned about the overwhelming nods I will receive so I’ll keep this to myself. In fact, women are SO used to being told about how “beautiful you look” that when a genuine compliment comes your way it is often greeted with hostility. “Oh, he probably just wants to try his luck.” This is part of the many reasons why I am highly unlikely to give a compliment. I’m not suggesting you’re not beautiful, noooo! Never that! You are unlikely my kind of beautiful much as I am not your flavour of handsome. This is life. We might be adjacent pieces of the puzzle or we might not.

I just hope you remain this beautiful for as long as I see and know you. Not your face, not the way you’re dressed, not your hands (which are beautiful by the way), but your mind. There’s something beautiful about your mind…

Twitter Award

Firstly, this is no way an official Twitter award. I created it out of frustration from someone I follow on Twitter who is obsessed with how people spell, use grammar, etcetera when they tweet. Absolute nightmare. This was long overdue. (Quickly spell checks blog post… hehehe!)

@tumietimora's Twitter Award - Courtesy: Me
@tumietimora's Twitter Award - Courtesy: Me

beMobile website design

Just a pitch I did with friends of mine Joe and Mirth for a cellular phone carrier in one of our neighbouring countries. Nothing much came of it, but this was our proposed design. With this and the sahiphop.co.za website I can firmly say that at this point in time my web design has it’s own distinct look and feel with a lot of emphasis on rounded corners and lots of eye-catching colour combinations. I have to be honest though – some of the ideas for this I got from the cellc.co.za website – not so much the design, but proposed menu items. Hey – I had to make sure it was relevant.

beMOBILE Website Design Proposal
beMOBILE Website Design Proposal

DOVEC – Countries Pamphlet

The very first design projects I actually did back in 2006 were for this company. Since then their logo has changed to the one below and since the company was starting off and I needed some experience I literally must have given them over 200 hours worth of design work for something like R2000. Ya. Abuse ne? Ya. This is something I put together for them back in 2008.

Dovec Brochure
Dovec Brochure